Selecting a Keyword in HydroClient

One of the optional search criteria in HydroClient is the keyword(s) that represent the property being observed (e.g. precipitation, temperature, specific conductance, etc.).The Select Keyword(s) button, located on the Search Toolbar (see this article for an overview of the HydroClient layout), opens a window that enables you to select quickly from a common subset of keywords or select from CUAHSI's full hierarchy of keywords. Selecting one or more keywords allows you to narrow your search, while selecting no keywords will search for anything within the area and time that you define.   

The initial window that is launched after clicking the Select Keyword(s) button shows a subset of common keywords, which is seen above. Clicking Full List reveals the entire hierarchy of keywords as seen in the image below. Clicking the  "+" (on the left) will expand each folder and checking the box will select the keyword.

If you check a box in the Common Keyword window it will also be selected in the Full List and vice versa - so if you check a keyword in one window you can shift to the other seamlessly, if needed. Remember to click Save after selecting keywords.


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