Environmental Science Education at Native American Tribal Colleges

"There are several different reasons I feel Hydrodesktop is a good fit for students at Salish Kootenai College (SKC). First, many of the students are very limited from an economic standpoint. Many come from low income families, others are non-traditional students with families to support. Hydrodesktop is a useful program that comes to them at no cost, a perfect fit. A second way that SKC students benefit from Hydrodesktop is that it is a user friendly program, step by step, students can search for specific data in a specific location. This opens up data they may not have known how to access otherwise. This leads to a third benefit, many SKC students have never researched environmental data prior to starting school, because Hydrodesktop is user friendly they are encouraged to dig deeper and progress towards more in-depth
research tools. A fourth benefit is that Hydrodesktop is a GIS based program. All students in the environmental fields at SKC are in some phase of learning GIS. Using Hydrodesktop offers the students more exposure to the concepts of a GIS based program. The tables and graphs that are instantly available are incredibly useful and fifth benefit. For students that are new to working with and displaying data these are so helpful. They are not only time savers but very professional looking and report ready."

-Jacob Feistner

Graduate Student and Instructor, Salish Kootenai College

July 2014



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