Validating the Routing Application for Parallel Computation of Discharge (RAPID) Model

"As part of my research in river flow modeling at scales ranging from regional to continental, I have to gather in situ observations in order to validate computations. While this task is in principle quite straight forward, it becomes overwhelming when dealing with thousands of river gauges, over many years, for daily observations, and including numerous data gaps.  In essence it almost becomes impossible to obtain a reliable and human-error-free dataset of millions of data points without quality tools allowing for automation of retrieval and sorting of data.  This is exactly what the combination of WaterML web services and HydroDesktop has done for me.  Thanks to these tools, I am now able to address scientific problems of increasingly larger sizes, with increasing confidence in the datasets I combine."

-Cédric David

Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

January 2015

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