The USGS International Water Resources Branch

"For the past two years the CUAHSI Water Data Center has helped the USGS-IWRB in our efforts to organize and serve international hydrologic data so that it benefits our international cooperators and introduces them to global hydrologic data standards and the practice of displaying and serving hydrologic data online. The CUAHSI Water Data Center staff have been generous with their time, expertise, and IT resources. In one of our ongoing collaborations with middle-east hydrologists we are working with data from four groundwater monitoring stations they have been jointly established. With CUAHSI’s help we expect this spring to have, for the first time, groundwater data from multiple middle east countries displayed jointly online in a cooperative effort. We look forward to our continuing work with CUAHSI and applaud them for their efforts building a global hydrologic data community."

-Jack Eggleston

USGS Hydrologist

January 2015

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