Typical use cases for CUAHSI Data Services

A few typical use cases of CUAHSI Data Services are:

Data Publication

  • I have been funded for the National Science Foundation. My project will create time series and/or GIS environmental data and need a way to fulfill my Data Management Plan.
  • I am a member of an environmental organization that monitors the environment (i.e. a watershed association) and we would like to share our data more widely.
  • I am a university educator and my students have collected data and want to publish it.

Data Access

  • I am a researcher who needs data to calibrate a model.
  • I want to learn about the conditions in a local water body.
  • I am an educator and need data to teach a science lesson.
  • I am holding a networking event and want to educate the attendees on data management and the benefits of collaboration and data sharing.
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