Filtering Search Results

You have the option to filter results by three categories: Keywords, Data Properties, or Data Services. On the search panel, click on Filter Results. You may select more than one option within a category but in order to select between categories, you must first click "Apply Filters Now." For instance, if you select "Biological" and "Chemical" under the Keywords category, you must click "Apply Filters Now" before you can move on to filter Data Properties. Whichever category you have clicked on first, will stay active for filtering while the other categories will become inactive and displayed gray until you click "Apply Filter(s) Now." See an example screenshot below.

Navigating within the Categories 

Within a category, selecting more than one option enables you to make searches that look for specific combinations and individual options. For instance, you may select the below options and then click Apply Filters once they are all checked:

  • Data Type: (1) regular sampling
  • General Category: (2) biota, (3) chemistry

By clicking Apply Filters only after selecting all three options above, the results will contain the following if there are combinations that exist in the catalog:

  • Data Type: regular sampling
  • Data Type: regular sampling and General Category: biota and General Category: chemistry
  • Data Type: regular sampling and General Category: biota
  • Data Type: regular sampling and General Category: chemistry
  • General Category: biota
  • General Category: chemistry 

If you were to select only Data Type: regular sampling and click Apply Filters immediately after, then the other filters options within the Data Properties category would show only options associated with regular sampling. Below for instance, shows Data Type: regular sampling filtered. Notice that as a result Sample Medium shows only results that have Data Type: regular sampling. 

For this same search, the Data Services were filtered down to only those services that have regularly sampled data. See below:

Viewing the List of Results

The list of filtered results will only appear once there is 25,000 or less Filtered Results, which is indicated next to the Reset Filter(s) button. You can use the expandable filters within the categories to view all options. Once there is less than 25,000 filtered results, the data markers will plot on the current map extent. Also, a pop up will appear on the map extent that indicates the chosen filters. You may click the "x" on the pop up on the map to delete any filter.


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